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Culinary Capers

Name: Culinary Capers Websiste: http://www.culinarycapers.com/ Culinary Capers Catering 1545 West 3rd Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1J8 Tel: 604.875.0123 Fax: 604.875.8861 Toll Free: 1.888.396.0777 E-mail: info@culinarycapers.com

The butler Did It

Name: The butler did it Catering Services Webste: http://www.butlerdiditcatering.com/ The Butler Did It Catering Co. 620 Clark Drive Vancouver, BC V5L 3H8 Tel: 604-739-3663 Fax: 604-739-3686 info@butlerdiditcatering.com Reception reception@butlerdiditcatering.com 604-739-3663 x.222